This is where I feel at home

Welcome to my Outdoor Adventuring Site!!!!

This site is dedicated to my outdoor adventures, obviously. However, it’s really so much more!!!

As you will see, there will be BEAUTIFUL pictures of the places I travel and visit. These add time to long, tough adventures but are so worth it! I’ve developed a keen eye for great picture opportunities and I’m getting better every day!

Gear reviews!!! I LOVE trying out new gear I’ve purchased. I kind of have a problem (as my bank account will attest to). Hiking boots, down jackets, tents, snowshoes, trail running shoes….the list goes on.

Stories: I’m an avid story teller. I’ve been writing, in one form or another, since I was a child. Some of my adventuring trips are too good not to share. I do the best I can so any readers will FEEL like they were there based upon my writing style (and yes, pictures help too).

Learning opportunities for you and me! I love to teach, especially when it comes to the outdoors. Whether it’s teaching about places to explore, travel to, hiking trails, places to kayak, navigation techniques, wilderness survival, “how to” tutorials, or just life lessons I’ve learned. Just like life, learning has no limits.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site as much as I do creating it and sharing my experiences!!!!


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